After several weeks of promises, I am thrilled to announce the availability of my newest book, Is That You, Coolidge?.

In the book, I tell the fascinating story of my dad, Coolidge Sims, through conversations I had with him over the last few months of his life.  The book is full of unique Coolidge Sims stories from his childhood days, his military service, and his many years in Ashland.  It is primarily the story of my dad’s life through my eyes, finally resolving some of the issues and difficulties I encountered with him during my own coming of age years.  The book is intended to bring both laughter and tears to the reader.  I certainly hope it will not disappoint you.

The book can be ordered on Amazon via the link on the sidebar.  It is also available at Kingwood Joe’s at Kingwood Church in Alabaster.  For those in or near Clay County, it can be purchased at the Ashland Pharmacy (Ashland), and Young’s Drug Store (Lineville.)

After you read it, please let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from all of you.


When I was ten years old I got a puppy from the Gaither family that I named Prince. He was mostly Collie, but not a pure breed.  Prince possessed all the good shepherding qualities and good looks of a Collie, and all the hero qualities of a loyal mutt.  He was hands down the world’s best dog.  Ten-year-old boys need a dog to grow up with and for me, Prince was sent from God.   Continue reading THE DAY PRINCE DIED


“Tump” is not a real word.  We say it all the time, but it isn’t legitimate.  If you look it up in the regular dictionary, it won’t be there.  Old dictionaries may have it, but they define it as a “little hill.”  That’s not the “tump” I’m referring to.  I’m speaking about when you “tump” something over; a wheelbarrow can tump over; a garbage pail can tump over; and even a car can tump over.

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My father-in-law is quite a man.  William Skinner will turn 95 in November, having served over 35 years as a medical missionary in Paraguay, and now retired for nearly thirty years.  In addition, he and Fran will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in August.

Long before Rosa Parks bravely refused to give up her bus seat in Montgomery, Alabama, Bill Skinner showed the way. Continue reading BILL SKINNER AND ROSA PARKS


My excellent friend and next-door neighbor, Bill Woodard, allowed me to share his amazing story of two members of his Methodist Church Sunday School class. Bill penned a very  intimate, detailed account to honor them.  It was so incredible, I had to share it with my readers in an edited, scaled down form. I hope it blesses you the way it did me.

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The Arabic letter N, short for NAZARENES– It is the name ISIS has given  to Christians.

On this week prior to our nation’s annual celebration of American Independence, I turn my thoughts to the billions of people worldwide who do not and have never enjoyed the blessings of liberty and freedom. I am especially focused on the plight of multiple millions of Christians worldwide who are under the gun, literally– for simply exercising their faith in Jesus Christ.

Believers in North Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, and Eritrea can be legally hunted down and imprisoned, tortured, or killed for the “crime” of meeting together, praying together, owning a Bible, or trying to convince another person of the good news of Jesus Christ.

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There is a chemical compound called carbon disulfide– commonly known as “High Life.”  Its vapors are very poisonous, which is why the bottle has a skull and crossbones on the label.  It is also very flammable, and the gas formed by burning is even more deadly than the natural fumes.

It was kept on most farms in days past for many purposes.  A big bed of fire ants could be exterminated with only two treatments. Just dig a small hole in the bed area and pour a couple of tablespoonfuls inside and cover it up. It was used more widely to keep weevils and insects out of grain that was stored in a barn. A small hole in the cork of the bottle let enough fumes out to keep insects out for a long time.

Perhaps it was called “High Life” because when it was squirted on any animal, the poor victim came to life. A few drops into a hollow tree would bring a rabbit or possum out instantly. Some knew it by the name, “Dog Disabler.” More than a few mail carriers from yesteryear kept handy a water gun loaded with High Life.

The following is another “true story” excerpt from my upcoming book about my late father, Calvin Coolidge Sims.  I hope to have it released by September.  Enjoy.



We called my dad’s mother Mama Sims. She was not just a grandmother, she was the grand matriarch of the family.  Certain things about the house she called home are forever embedded in my mind– there are things about a house that little kids never forget.  My ten first cousins and two siblings who share memories of Mama Sims’ house  will certainly remember them all, but it’s time to share them with the world.  Let’s take a tour of Mama Sims’ house through the eyes of me as a child. Continue reading MAMA SIMS’ HOUSE


Charleston, South Carolina  August 23, 1947

The wedding was at set for 5 pm at the Citadel Square Baptist Church.  The Lawrence family and the Skinner family were thrilled that Frances and Bill were about to tie the knot. There were no finer young people in the land than those two. Bill was finishing medical school and about to receive his honorable discharge from the Navy.  Francis was working as the church secretary for the Citadel Square Baptist Church.  Each of them had previously professed a call to the mission field, and were now making plans to follow their call together.

But the important thing at hand on the morning of August 23 was to complete the detailed preparations for the five o’clock wedding ceremony.  It was nine o’clock and there was still more to do.  Frances was in a race against the clock.

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